UJam Store is one of Hong Kong’s fastest growing wholesalers and distributors of high quality organic and natural products, including earth friendly body care and household goods. With a focus on quality, performance, and good value, UJam Store’s products are currently sourced from Korean brands such as Dr. Muscle, hannahmama, and Mother-K.

UJam Store is a subsidiary of CC+ Media Limited, an award-winning graphic design agency which dedicated to provide outstanding creative solutions for a variety of business sectors. CC+ formerly named as Cin Concept, was a part of Asia’s leading magazine production and advertising agency – CinMedia. In 2014, CinConcept left CinMedia, pulled up a new image and renamed as CC+. Its existing clients include listed companies from international, as well as greater China and local area.


Highlighted Brands
Dr. Muscle

Approved by KFDA, Dr. Muscle Muscle and Joint Recovery Cream is 100% natural and free of harmfulchemicals such as paraben, menthol, mineral oil, etc. It has a warming effect which helps promoting blood circulation, making it ideal for joint and muscle pain, and can be applied before or after exercise.



Mother-K specializes in providing premium quality, reliable and safe products to moms who desire an eco-conscious lifestyle for themselves and their children. Its food sanitizer is made of 100% natural ingredients and is able to remove 99.9% residual agricultural chemicals, preservatives and articifical colorings from fruits and vegetables.



Hannahmama is an all-in-one sterilizer made from natural ingredients. The three series provide excellent effect in cleaning, sterilizing and deodorizing kids, pets, and your home. All products are approved by FDA, so they are safe and reliable. Moreover, the sterilizer is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.



With “baby” and “organic” in mind, Bebeganic offers natural skincare solutions for infants, children and adults with eczema or sensitive skin. Our products are made with organic ingredients, which are suitable for every member of your family, even babies with the most delicate skin.  Aims at catering our users’ needs by keep improving the formulas, Bebeganic has become one of the most popular skin care brands in many of the cities in Asia.