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120+ Lotion

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  • Description

    • Locking in moisture by forming a water barrier!: It forms a thin water barrier in the lipid layer of skin and suppresses water evaporation; thus keeping it moisturized for a long time.
    • Maintaining the oil-water balance suitable for newborn babies, infants, and young children!: An appropriate level of stable harmony between oil and water suppresses water evaporation and protects skin from external irritation; thus keeping it healthy and moisturized.
    • Soothes skin gently with natural ingredients, without irritation!: By using natural extracts, it rapidly soothes baby’s skin that has become dry and sensitive without irritation.
    • Guaranteed safe with no harmful ingredients (30:no)!: You can use it safely because it contains no harmful ingredients such as chemical additives/pigments/steroids/parabens/PEG/alcohol.
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    Main Ingredients

    Beta Glucan, Macadamia Seed Oil, Ceramide, etc.